Nihilus Zodd

A Quiet and Regal Priest of the Midnight Lord


25 Point Buy System:
Str: 16
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 18
Cha: 14


Background generator

Place and Circumstances of birth.

  • Unusual Homeland – Subterranean: You gain access to the Surface Stranger regional trait. (Born of a Drow mother and a Nosferatu father.
  • Parents: Both parents are dead. You gain access to the Orphaned social trait.
  • Siblings: 1 biological sibling.
  • Circumstances of Birth – Left to Die: When you were born you were left to die, but by some twist of circumstance you survived. You gain access to the Courageous combat trait, the Savage social trait, and the Arisen story feat.

  • Major Childhood Event – Inheritance: A great sum of wealth or property was bequeathed to you at an early age, providing you with extraordinary means. Daily costs of living have ceased to concern you, and you’ve learned that there is little that money cannot buy. You gain access to the Rich Parents social trait.
  • Cleric Training – Sanctuary: When you were young, you did a very wicked deed—or were accused of one—and fled to the only place that could shelter you from the law. You found sanctuary among the worshipers of a deity, and they took you in and protected you. In time, you joined the faithful to serve their cause in the world, though the shadow of your past sin still lurks beyond the church’s walls. You gain access to the Criminal social trait. See the Crime and Punishment sidebar on page 23
  • Crime Committed: Adultery, which was going to be punished by a trial by water.
  • Influential Associate – The Liege Lord: You became close with someone you were bound to serve, be it a minor lord or lady, master (in the case of a slave), prince or princess, king or queen. Though this person held power over you, she held you closer than a subject or servant. As a result, you’re used to dealing with and being close to power, and your name is known among the ranks of the privileged. You gain access to the Influence social trait.


  • Conflict – Murder: You killed someone. (8 CP)
  • Subject – Family member
  • Motivation – Pleasure (5 CP)
  • Resolution – No Guilt* (+2 CP): Either guilt is for the weak, or you know you made the right decision. You might not openly brag about your part in the conf lict, but you don’t deny it when confronted either.

Total Conflict Points: 15 – Distributed as Neutral (6 points) and Evil (9 points).

  • Religion Trait – Zon-Kuthon: Pain Is Pleasure Religion trait.
  • Romantic Relationships: Current Lover: You are currently involved in a romantic relationship. You gain access to the True Love story feat.
  • Relationship with Fellow Adventurers: Contractor and employer.
  • Drawback – Pleasure: You crave luxury, entertainment, and
    pleasure. You might indulge in every passingfancy or hold strong against a temptation thatconstantly eats at you. You gain access to the Hedonistic drawback.


Nihilus, as a character, is an example of the following tropes:

  • Beware of the Nice Ones – To a great extend. His everyday persona is nice and regal, but if pushed too far his demeanor becomes more akin to that of his nosferatu ancestors.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas – Since his mother was the only one he could talk to while his father, a Nosferatu, had them as prisoners, he developed a good connection with her. Nihilus even cries sometimes when reminiscing about his mother.
  • Even Evil Has Standards – Nihilus is capable of many despicable things, but he finds demon worshipers and animal abusers most despicable. He’s also into torturing children, but he would never force himself sexually on anyone bellow the adult age.
  • Evil is Sexy – As a faithful of The Midnight Lord, Nihilus finds selfish, self-absorbed and tyrannical individuals sexy. Since he emulates those traits as well, he finds himself almost unbearably sexy.
  • Evil Wears Black – Played straight, as most of Nihilus clothes and even armor are black, or some variation of the grey palette.
  • Secret Identity – Before leaving Nidal behind for good, he had created the secret identity “Nemesis”, which he used whenever he joined the more macabre ceremonies of his faith. Very few outside Nihilus’ inner circle know of his other persona.

Nihilus Zodd

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